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[captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> good afternoon. i am mindy the serra. this afternoon, which it mindy basara. -- minibus era. this afternoon, someone leaked the white -- mindy basara.
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this afternoon, someone beat the white house immigration plan. >> -- leaked the white house immigration plan. >> lawmakers are warning president obama to back off after someone leaked the white house proposal that would immediately protect 11 million illegal immigrants and allow them to become citizens within eight years. it does not guarantee what republicans want, border security first. >> that tells us that he is not looking for a bipartisan solution. >> this is the president poor punt -- torpedoing his own plan. >> the white house says that the proposal is a backup plan for the group working behind the scenes on a compromise. >> if those do not work out, we will have an option to put out there. >> does the president really what results? or does he want another cultural to beat up republicans to take
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political advantage in the next election? >> the gop said that the white house proposal would be dead on arrival if it came up for a vote today. >> with the clock ticking down to a critical march 1 deadline, congress is taking the week off for presidents day. with spending cuts nowhere in sight, congress gets one week off for every federal holiday, two weeks for spring break, and a month in august. when they are in session, many members come in on tuesday and leave on thursday. with so much time off, government watchdogs say that the government is not getting the job done. there is a new proposal for a new deal, no break campaign. >> it is time to focus full-time on trying to diffuse the ticking time bomb.
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>> the people in constituencies, what they should do when they see a member of congress is to say to that person that they should be in washington, doing the people's work. >> 15 people have officially submitted their names in anne arundel county to become the next county executive. a judge found the previous executive guilty of misconduct. john hammond is one of the 15 candidates seeking to fill the vacancy after initially saying no to the job. >> it was a difficult decision in many ways, but i came to the conclusion that i could bring the leadership to the county that it deserves and it is time to move the county forward. >> the 16 applicants also include john kerry and wendell erlich. each candidate will be interviewed this thursday and selected on that day.
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democrats are moving one step closer to filling the seat of the late pat harrison. they nominated [indiscernible] on thursday. harrison died last month, the longest serving delegate in the house, the first african american woman ever to chair a committee in maryland. >> beautiful on this president's day. hopefully you had your chance to go up side this afternoon. temperatures are just warming up. the dewpoint is currently at six degrees, so it is very dry, the humidity only at 34%. the fact that the wind is finally coming down makes it feel much better outside. this afternoon, up 30's to the lower 40's. then the clouds roll back into tonight with storms approaching
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tomorrow. all of those details in the forecast. >> maryland state police are working with officials on the eastern shore, looking for the person responsible for stabbing a student to death. the student was driving to the somerset campus on saturday night when they came upon another group. witnesses tell police that someone stabbed edmund sinclair after an altercation. police do not believe it was a random act. >> investigators are not sure why this occurred. they are still attempting to determine if the victim knew the individuals, but they do have evidence that this was not a random act. this was not something without some type of history behind it. they do believe that something occurred between those individuals and this victim that was either an altercation at that time or had been connected to something previous. this was not just something that happened randomly on campus. >> st. clair was taken to the
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hospital, where he later died. hundreds of people showed their support for a 7-year-old recovering from a vicious pit bull attack. in september dakota was attacked at his aunt's house. his father says there will be no serious long-term consequences, but an 11 day stay children's hospital left the family with a mountain of medical bills. everything was donated, at the benefit, from the deejay to the door prize. >> everyone has troubles. everyone has financial issues. we want to be gentle about it. but people just poured generosity on us. >> thank you, everyone. >> he is doing much better. he is back in school. he is back in his head -- phys ed.
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he has his little attitude back, his personality. >> his dad said that the police officers that stopped the attack have been visiting dakota as he recovers. coming up, country star mindy macready died. why were some not surprised? in massachusetts residents in massachusetts residents continue to recover frht
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>> covering the nation, troubled countries in her mindy macready was found dead at her home in arkansas. sheriff's deputies responded to a call from her home on sunday. her boyfriend died during a similar incident last month. round two of snow in boston on sunday. roads and bridges causing dangerous conditions. snow on the ground from last week's blizzard. meanwhile, a basketball coach used the bench from the court to win it student tuition.
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he nailed the shot and took herself for a victory celebration around the floor. the shot earned the student one semester of free tuition. still to come, promising research when it comes to spinal injuries. plus? >> the latest warning from technology experts on mobile devices. >> i love how that is the universal i just made a free throw shot. >> whether moving our way, there is still a chance for ice tomorrow. right now it is 32 degrees to the airport, 37 degrees downtown. beautiful blue skies,
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>> in medical alerts, some promising results in research for spinal injuries. lab rats that were once paralyzed are walking and running again because of ongoing research in switzerland. some of the animals started moving voluntarily after a few weeks of therapy. trials of human patients are expected to begin within the next two years. flu activity continues to decline across the country. 31 states were reporting widespread activity as of friday, down from 38 the week before. western and northeastern states are still experiencing high levels of the flu. more than half the people that
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need to be hospitalized because of the flu are older than 50. dozens of people took part in a laughter yoga therapy session in venezuela this weekend. participants are encouraged to laugh and watch other people laughed. an indian physician created laughter yoga and it has spread to over ethics -- 6000 laughter clubs. >> it must be working, i am laughing right now just watching them. today marks the 10 year anniversary of the 2003 president's day storm. you may remember it was the biggest snowstorm ever to hit the baltimore area. it was the biggest amount in a single snowstorm. we even saw a lot in washington,
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d.c.. what is different to start off this president's day? it is cold out but with complete the clear skies, 37 degrees downtown, 20's out there, mainly in western maryland, including hagerstown. the good news is that most areas are trying to get above the freezing mark. what made yesterday so brutal was the wind, which is finally coming down as well. everyone else is starting to see the winds calmed down in the five mile to 10 mile per hour range. the good news is that this afternoon things are feeling a lot better. high pressure is pushing in, stronger winds are leaving. warmer air will be pushing in and you can see the massive clouds across the midwest, snow across nebraska and iowa. this is what we have to worry
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about going into tomorrow. mainly it is a rain event, but i still want to worry about a little bit of ice. coming out of the west, that winter storm system will be coming from there as well, basically getting above the freezing mark. here is the futurecast and while we are seeing for the area. warmer weather tonight and tomorrow as well. if the storm starts early enough tomorrow morning, maybe this comes in as a little bit of sleet. you can see that by the pink and blue shading. mostly a rain event as we go through the rest of the morning and through the final end of this if it lasts long enough there could be a quick burst of sleet and snow as well. most of that will be confined to western maryland. tomorrow will not be a major deal, it will be mostly rain. partly cloudy skies tonight, not
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as cold. increasing as the storm system moves our way, rain is likely, possibly moving over to sleet and snow at the early onset, and at the very end there could be sleet and snow -- we will not have any time to accumulate. i would not worry about it too much. slippery spots not out of the question early on. 40 degrees on wednesday, but friday, saturday, sunday. >> in consumer alerts experts say that 4% of our gross income is spent at the pump. americans are buying less gas than five years ago, but prices per gallon continue to skyrocket. the average price in 2012 was higher than any other year in history. experts say that high gas prices
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tend to slow down economic recovery. >> people will save on gasoline when they have to spend on other parts of the economy, which slows economic growth. >> gasoline took the biggest slice out of the family pie last year than any other year in the decade. popup advertisements, getting worse on your mobile device. these annoying advertisements are likely here to stay. chris explains. >> just like on your desktop, they are popping up on your smart phone, at a pace so maddening they have been given their own unique an appropriate name. >> this is a new genre of global advertising, madware. >> madware, mobil ad where the
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pops up as to settle into a game of angry birds. angry birds is one of the most common ways that it gets in your device. >> we have seen an increase in the number of apps that had madware characteristics. >> they said no one should be surprised. apps are the easiest way in. >> an official ring town or wallpaper on the device. >> he says it is not illegal, just annoying, and norton has a device that can help. >> it is called spot, it will analyze apps on your tablet. >> after analysis, you can remove the ones with the most madware and going forward, read the fine print before
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downloading any app, especially the so-called free ones. >> experts say that some developers will find a way to avoid madware is paying for the app rather than downloading the free version. responding to a learning media survey, educational technology helps to reinforce classroom content and they respond to eight variety of learning styles. 70% of teachers wished they had more cluster technology. millions of americans have added their phone number to the national do not call registry. what if you still get calls from telemarketers? >> over the last four years it has gotten worse. >> david is talking about phone calls from telemarketers. even though he has been on the do not call lists since 2003,
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the calls keep coming. >> it makes me angry. >> the owner says he has done nothing wrong and is angry as well. >> i get calls from the republican party, the democratic party, looking for money. they will take my credit card over the phone, but i cannot call you and ask you if you want an estimate on your roof? >> there is a little known part of a lot that can lead some companies not responsible. next, the maryland lottery numbers. and a look at
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>> this little guy was dog gone crazy with worry when his owner left him outside of a miami court house. eventually he succeeded in getting inside, only to be ushered out by a bailiff. minutes later there was reason to jump for joy. it ended peacefully as man and man's best friend were reunited. tonight at 11 news at 5:00, neighbors are on edge and authorities are launching an investigation after a woman was robbed at gunpoint headed into her gated community. also on edge, the campus community at the university of maryland eastern shore, a deadly
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stabbing was investigated. the flu season in maryland may finally be on its way out. and now your maryland lottery numbers. ♪ >> happy presidents day. from 98 rock, we have your pick three numbers. that is a two for starters. in the middle? we have got a one. the final number for your pick 3 game is -- that is a nine as printed on the ball. making your pick three numbers 2, 1, 9. we will get to your pick four numbers in a moment. you can win up to $100,000 during the daily drawing. visit your favorite lottery retailer and say -- today. let's get ready to play the big board game with the key north.
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eight, followed by a one. the next number is two. the last number for your pick four game is four. recapping those pick four numbers, 8, 1, 2, 4. the maryland lottery, let yourself play. >> we are warming things up, 40 this afternoon, sunshine tonight, upper 40's tomorrow afternoon. the mayfield of sleet to start off with tomorrow morning. >> thank you. we will keep an eye on it. be sure to watch tonight at 5:00 with donna and sam. >> have a good day.
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